Special Method Feeder Mix

A Special Green Butaine Mix
Formulated for catching fish
on the feeder

This special Green feeder mix was formulated for catching a wide variety of fish including Mirror Carp Common Carp, Grass Carp, Bream and Catfish

The special mix has a combination of ingredients that target big fish.
Butaine, Ground Maize and Hi Protein Fishmeal

Use with a method feeder by molding the mixture around the frame or inserting into an open ended feeder

Add water slowly to the  mix and gradually blend together until you have a sticky feel ready to mold onto the feeder. Because of the stiff mix it will stay on the feeder longer than traditional mixes and makes far distance casting easy

 Because of the stiff mix larger balls can be molded around a cage feeder Ideal for those bigger Fish i.e Carp, Catfish etc...

The groundbait will very slowly break-up in the water around the feeder whilst attracting fish to the waiting bait

Available in 1kg

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